We Believe:

  • We believe in the verbal inspiration and the inerrant of the Word of God in both the Old & the New Testament.
  • We believe in one Triune God, Father, Son and holy spirit equal in their essence.
  • We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, in his miraculous birth from the virgin mary holding in himself both the divine and Human natures.
  • We believe that Jesus was incarnated in a human body yet without sin, that he was crucified to redeem us from our sins through his atoning blood, that he died to accomplish the plan of God for our salvation and that he rose from the dead to justify us.
  • We believe in the absolute sovereignty of God and we believe in the free will of man that God has sovereignly granted him and that Man is responsible to God for the use of his free will.
  • We believe in the priesthood of all believers and that every believer has the right and the privilege to come in the presence of God directly without any human means.
  • We believe that God has distributed spiritual gifts in his sovereign wisdom to serve the believers and to equip his work in the church and that every believer needs to be a member in a local church  submitting to the local leadership and using his gifts in the proper accepted procedures.
  • We believe that every believer is able to live a victorious life by the power of the Holy Spirit living in him and that this spirit will empower him to live in front of God a sanctified and righteous life away from sinful behavior and away from evil presented by satan and abstain from any practice or relation that might hurt him or hurt his testimony or be a dishonor to God.
  • We believe in the desperate need of regeneration of the individual human being.
  • We believe that every human being needs to hear the gospel to be regenerated and be saved by the sacrificial blood and death of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that salvation is a gift from God by faith through Grace alone.
  • We believe in eternal security of the true believer.
  • We believe in the priesthood of all believers. we also believe that god has gifted certain people to lead, teach and shepherd. We believe that the church body will call upon certain elders to be fully engaged in the ministry by assuming their financial needs to serve and lead the local church body on a full time basis.

Our Distinctives

  • Spirit Filled & Led.
  • Inter Generationally Blended (intentional generation blending among in all aspects of church ministry for healthy influence).
  • Non traditional ( Non Legalistic, Respectful to other views on the minor issues within respect of Sanctification & Godliness with agreed boundaries & Leadership approval).
  • Elders’ board Oversight (Elders’ board runs the church, congregational within limits).
  • Church Planting intentional Expansion (we aspire for growth inward & outward).
  • Small Groups Geographically distributed ( for all attendees ,members & non members).
  • Discipleship Making Focus (we focus on developing disciples to follow Jesus in a godly & Christ like character).
  • Diversity in NON Essentials.
  • Variety in Programs &Teaching to meet different members’ needs during week days (Bible study ministry, Small Groups ministry, Youth ministry, women ministry, couples Ministry, worship ministry, elder ministry).
  • Independent local FEC churches,yet interdependent within the FEC denomination.
  • Para church ministries integrated (FEAL) under FEC Church Leadership oversight.
  • Missions in 6 Arab countries Church plant in Lebanon & MENA Conference center ministry, orphanage,Relief Oasis to refugees in Beirut & Bekaa.
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